Gold Package Sliver Package
Work Heads Description A+ Construction A Class
Gry Structure
Cement Maple Leaf Best Way/DG Cement
Sand Ravi/Chenab Ravi
Crush Margalla for RCC /Sargoodha (Plant) Sargodha (Plant)
Steel 60 Grade Model, Mughal 60 Grade Model
Bricks A+ (Special) A (Awal)
Roof Tile/Tasssu A+ (Special) A (Awal)
RCC Plint Beam yes (Earthquake-Resistant) yes(reduce earthquake impact)
Geomembrane (Moisture Control) Foundation + Roof A+ A
All gray structure work done according to the actual engineering drawings approved by respective societies/ Authorities
Ceiling POP/gypsum POP/Gypsum
Bath Tiles imported (Spanish + Turkish) @38000 - 4500 Rs/smt Master Bedroom Spanish +Turkish @ 3500 to 4000. Rest Turkish + Spanish @ 2500 to 3000 Rs/smt
Bed Rooms/DR/TV.L/Tiles Spanish + Turkish @ 2500 to 3000 Rs/smt (24x24 & 36x36) Chinese branded/ master @ 2000 - 2500Rs/smt (24x24 & 36x36)
Side Passage/TerraceTuff tile upto 1500 Rs upto 1200 Rs
Windows upvc Imported Turkish (noise + weather proof) upvc Chinese or Aluminum /chawala (3mm)
Main Gate upto 80000 Rs upto 70000Rs
Main Entrance Door Solid Ash wood frame and inside(Canada) upto 110000 RS solid Ash wood frame and semi-solid inside(Canada) up to 85000RS
Doors solid Ash wood (USA/Canada) solid Ash wood (USA/Canada)
Door frame/chughaat Solid ash wood (USA/Canada) solid Melamine/ ash wood (USA/Canada)
Paint Jotun/ICI Master/Brighto
Wallpapers up to 7 Walls up to 5 Walls
Windows Glass 5mm /front windows Double Glazed All 5mm
Door Locks/Handle Imported @ upto 4800Rs Imported @ upto 4000
Main door lock Upto 10000 Rs Upto 7000 Rs
Spiral stairs/ backyard Iron Guage 16 Iron Guage 18
Stair Railing Iron/SS/Sold wood/Glass Rail Iron Rail/ SS
Heat Insulation Roofs Diamond Jambolan Thermophore
Anti termite treatment Ability/FMC/Marflex (2 stage spray) Ability/FMC/Agenda (1 stage spray)
Hood & stoves 3 stoves & 3 Hoods / imported 3 stoves & 3 Hoods / imported + local branded
Kitchen Cabinets UV imported turkish/solid ash wood UV Chinese A class/ semi sold ash wood
Granite(Counter top + staris) Granite up to 600 - 750 per sft(imported) Granite up to 450 - 550 per sft(imported)
Cupboards Front UV imported(Turkish) /solid ash wood (Canada) UV Chinese A Class
Cupboards boxes Compressed Laminated Sheet Compressed Laminated Sheet
Cupboards accessories Turkish + EU Chinese A Class/ Branded
Fire Place 3 fire place up to 25000 2 fire place up to 20000
Electrical works
Electric conduts Popular (premium)/ Dedax Popular (Normal)
Cable Newage cable GM cable/Excel cable
Breaker + DB's (Enclosures) Schneider / Terasaki with IP55 class DB's Schneider with builtin DB's
Wall Lights Fancy lights imported (with price range) Fancy lights imported (with price range)
Ceiling lights SMD/LED Branded SMD Branded
Chandelier 3 chandelier @ up to 30000 Rs Each 3 chandelier @ up to 20000 Rs Each
Outdoor & Gate Lights Up to 30000 water proof upto 20000
Ceiling Fans Lahore Fan up to 4500 Rs Royal Fanup to 3200 Rs
Switch Bords klipsal/TJ/ imported brands TJ/chinese branded
PVC Pipes Popular (premium)/dedax Popular (Normal)
PPR Pipes Popular (premium)/master/dedax Popular (Normal)
Washrooms & kitchen Fitting
Commode + bowl Porta/ imported branded @ up to 20000Rs ( wall hanging commodes in master bedrooms up to 30000RS) Porta/imported in master bed rooms up to 20000Rs & up to 15000Rs in other rooms
Washroom tap mixer Grohe/roca upto 10000RS Grohe /Rocka in master Bedrooms upto 10000 RS Grohe/Trend/ upto 7000RS for other rooms
Rain shower Grohe/Roca faucet with branded rain showers / master bedroom with concealed shower Grohe / Roca faucet in master bed rooms with branded rain showers fitting rest trend/sonex/master
Vanity Corian(imported) top with porta bowl + 3 imported vanities in master bedrooms high class granite top with porta bowl / 2 imported vanities
Sinks + Tap Stainless steal(SS) trend/grohe/branded/imported @ upto 15000Rs Stainless steel (SS) trend/grohe/imported @ up to 10000Rs
Estimated Price / Sq ft (All inclusive) 3690/sqft 3280/sqft